Honey’s Kitten Kollege Yearbook

whiskas kitten kollege

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will no doubt know that our pets are a huge part of our lives. We’ve had our dog Bella, Guinea Pigs Love and Heart (Bear keeps changing their names) and Honey our cat, all since they were babies and had just left their Mum’s. When Whiskas® Cat Food got in contact with me and asked me to make a Kitten Kollege Yearbook for Honey, I had to say yes. 

I don’t know about your cat but Honey is really fussy about her food and on occasion, we’ve tried other food when it’s been on offer but have soon learnt that it’s a false economy as she won’t eat it and will only eat her beloved Whiskas®. 

For Whiskas®, cats aren’t just their job, cats are their life. From their nutritious food and adorable Kitten Kollege to their work with the WWF and the Tigers Alive programme – they’re passionate about cats.

Whiskas® Kitten Kollege was created to share the joy of cat ownership that cats bring their owners every day.

I love the yearbooks that you see in American movies – I wish that we had them as they are full of memories from School and College, the equivalent of our UK university. When thinking about Honey’s yearbook poses, my mind immediately took me to American college situations however, there’s one with a particularly classic view of British Uni life.

Let me take you to the as yet, unseen world of Kitten Kollege…… 

whiskas Kitten Kollage


Honey enjoyed campus life at Kitten Kollege and decorated her dorm to be Insta-worthy

whiskas kitten kollage

Some of the hardest parts of Kollege life were the piles and piles of books to study and the food. Slumming it with the rest of the students on Beans and Toast was ok but Whiskas would have gone down a treat

whiskas kitten kollage yearbook

Honey got a scholarship to Kitten Kollage. She worked hard on the field but let her hair down at the Cat Frat party’s afterwards…..

Whiskas Kitten Kollege

Hard work pays off! Graduation day was made even better by the slap up Whiskas meal that followed.


I so enjoyed writing this post. The pictures of my cat made my son giggle so much and that’s what this is all about. Honey brings so much joy to our life. She may be aloof at times but when she comes for a cuddle, you can’t help but feel honoured and feel the love.

You should really give this a go yourself and share a photo of your cat at Kitten Kollage. I’d love to see them!


Hannah Spannah 2016

  • This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.




whiskers kitten kollage

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  1. Hannah this is absolutely brilliant and Honey is absolutely beautiful and adorable, of course. I’ve got to share, it’s all too much fun to keep to myself, I just hope my cat doesn’t notice and get jealous #weekendblogshare x

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