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Heroes of the city on youtube- a review and giveaway!

heroes of the cityHeroes of the City.

Technology and the way we evolve and live with it, really makes me think at times. A few years ago in the UK, I remember when we got our 5th tv channel (yes, thats right, we only had 5 TV channels!). Now, we think nothing of all the channels available nut it doesn’t stop there. I find more and more that if my son wants to watch something in particular, we turn to youtube either on my phone or television.

I was asked to review a youtube channel called ‘Heroes of the City’. As soon as I was asked, I knew I had to say yes as we already watch! The motto is ‘everyone can be a hero’ and there is a strong message of friendship and teamwork.heroes cit

There are lots of characters- a fire engine, tractor, airplane, police car, digger, boat, hot rod and many more. A post van with aspirations is able to become a hero and help.


The heroes crowstory always involves Calamity Crow. The poor crow has a plaster on his beak and goes about his business, fishing, meeting friends or getting an ice cream but always finds himself in a pickle!


My son LOVES the show. He especially likes episode 10 ‘The Treasure Map’, as it involves Digsy the Digger.




I was also sent a pack of goodies for my son and there’s one for you too! The pack contains a t-shirt in one of the following sizes of your choice, a die cast vehicle from the show, a dvd which is handy for on the go and a blow up ball featuring the police car.




As you can see, my little man was overjoyed with the goodies. We’ve had lots of catching practice with the ball, the t-shirt hasn’t been taken off and he thinks the car is great.

If you would like to win then enter the competition below. Take a look at the channel and see what you think- I bet your little one will be mesmerised!

If you are not a user of youtube and are unsure as to how to find this channel, I’ve made a quick ‘how too guide’ for a computer and Iphone/ipad. Click here to read.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


As always, I was sent the goodies for free and asked to review the channel but all opinions are my own.

Good luck!





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