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Great British Bake off Cheesecake| Week 4 | Desserts

Great British Bake Off Cheesecakecheesecake collage

I really enjoyed the Great British Bake Off this week. I  love desserts and when I heard that Cheesecake was involved, I knew that was going to be my choice.

I found a recipe on line, for a low fat cheesecake but decided to adapt it and make it even more low fat and see how it tasted. I’m happy to say that it worked! It does have a thin biscuit base compared to most cheesecakes but you do get the full taste of it and I was really satisfied and didn’t feel as though I was missing out.

I also decided that I wasn’t going to make a big cheesecake. It’s only my son and I and I knew which one of us would be eating the lions share of it. I halved the recipe and made individual cheesecakes. I made 3 as I wanted to use glass for the purpose of these photo’s but would divide into 4 in the future. You could enjoy them yourself or share them with family or even serve at a dinner party if you and your friends want to reduce the calorific damage! 

The first half recipe is below. If you make this recipe, the Weight Watchers Pro Points value of the whole mix is 29. If you divide it into 4, the WW recipe builder say’s that it is 7 pro points per serving. Don’t ask where that 1 point goes!



[yumprint-recipe id=’3′] cheescake helper



cheesecake collage 2

I have included the full recipe below. It supposedly serves 10 but I have to say that when cakes and things are made and divided, we never seem to manage the amount of slices suggested! We always cut too big a slice! 

The full recipe sing Quark, contains 59 Pro Points.

64 Pro Points if you use Extra light Philadelphia and 70 Pro Points if you use light Philadelphia.

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′] I hope that you will give this recipe a go and do please let me know what you think of it.








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  1. Ooh those cheesecakes look lovely, I love individual cheesecakes – not only do they look cute and perfect for a dinner party as you say, they are also great as portion control. I experienced the portion control problem when we made a cheesecake for GBBO!
    Angela x

  2. i have never made individual cheesecakes before but its a good idea for portion control. i love that these are low fat, i have used quark in cheesecakes before and it is ok actually
    thank you for linking up xx

  3. These look super! I love little individual pots of anything desserty so these are right up my alley!! Hazel x

  4. The cheesecake looks delicious. I was thinking of baking a cake with low fat cheese, to have less calories.

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