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Glitter Reveal Valentines Heart Light Jars

How to make Beautiful, Glitter Reveal, Valentines Heart Light Jars

How to make Glitter Reveal, Valentines Heart, Light Jars. 

Yesterday, I published an Easy, Mess free, Glue free, Valentines Heart Light Jar tutorial, perfect for any adults or children who don’t like any hint of mess. Today, I am countering that with our Glitter Reveal tutorial. It doesn’t have to be messy though – all I needed was a quick hoover and wipe of the table and you wouldn’t have known that we’d had the stickiness and sparkles a plenty.

Bear really enjoyed making this light jar as he didn’t know how it would look in the end and although I explained it to him, it was a lovely surprise to see the light shining through the hearts.

You will need:

heart light jars


  • An empty jar
  • Bostik White Glu
  • Glue Sponge / Spatula
  • Heart Shapes
  • Bostik Glu Dots
  • Glitter
  • A battery tea light

heart light jars



How to make Beautiful, Glitter Reveal, Valentines, Heart, Light Jars


Here’s how:

Take your heart shapes and using a Bostik Glue Dot, stick them all over the jar.

Dab the Bostik White Glu all over the jar, on and around the hearts.

Gently peel away the paper hearts – it can be tricky to peel them off so adults will most likely need to help children.

Sprinkle glitter in whichever colours you choose, all over the jar and if needs be, tidy up the hearts with a baby wipe.

Pop your tea light into the jar and enjoy. Give to a friend, parent or grandparent and spread the love. 

How to make a Beautiful, Glitter Reveal, Heart Valentines, Light JAr


How to make Glitter Heart Reveal Valentines Heart Jars


I hope you agree that these are beautiful light jars and find the opportunity to make them. Why don’t you pin the tutorial for the future? 



Disclosure: I was sent the box of craft goodies and Bostik products in order to create tutorials.




How to make Beautiful Glitter Reveal Valentines Heart Light Jars







  1. Ah, I love these, I love making candle holders out of old jam jars, I hate glitter mess though, I am the messiest crafter in the land so it just ends up everywhere #weekendblogshare

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