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Free Treasure Hunting with Geocaching | Coupon Mama UK Guest Post

Free Treasure Geocaching

Free Treasure Hunting With Geocaching

Good morning to my little piece of the internet. How are you all? Well I hope.

Today, I have a post written by the fabulous Coupon Mama UK. If you have not found her bog yet, where have you been?! Coupon Mama finds the best deals and freebies out there. For instance, at present (April 2016) she is giving away a swing set! Link at the bottom of this post.

Free Treasure GeocachingOver to Coupon Mama UK…

I can hear you all thinking Geo whaaat? Geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt, All over the UK and even the world, there are hidden boxes for people to find. Inside the boxes you will find little trinkets like key rings, coins ect nothing of much value but the idea is you can take something out and replace it with something of your own. There is also a log inside the box where you can write down your name or family name and when you found the box.

A lot of people take geocaching very seriously and travel all over the world to uncover these hidden boxes but personally I just see it as a bit of weekend fun with the kids. All you need to do to start geocaching is download the app, type in your postcode and all the hidden boxes near you will pop up! You then select a box and a compass pops up and tells you how many steps away you are. There are also hints, clues and sometimes riddles about where the box is hidden.Free Treasure Geocaching You then simply follow the compass and read the clues to find your hidden treasure. If you haven’t already given geocaching a go then I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list! The kids really enjoy hunting for these boxes and the best thing is it’s FREE!!

There are also geocaches out there that have been hidden for up to 50 years! Opening one of these boxes is like stepping back in time and it’s a fantastic opportunity for a little history lesson with the kids.

Thank you for reading and for more fun freebies you can find me at

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  1. Oooo this sounds interesting! Not sure there will be anything near me but i shall downloaf the app and see 🙂

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