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So here we are, day 3 of enforced homeschooling. How many of us chose to be teachers or chose to home educate our children? Hello? Anyone? That’s what I thought. Not many.

Those who chose to homeschool originally will be all set up with a rhythm and all the resources that they need, but here we are, on day 4 of homeschool and I realised that in order to keep track of the MAMMOTH amount of school work that has been set for Bear to complete each day, I needed a checklist. I wrote a list to stick on the wall but then I found that because I’m not familiar with all the names of the tasks, I didn’t know where I was.

I’ve created a personalised one for us but wondered if a blank one could be useful for you guys?

The download is completely free and has two pages. Page 1 is for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the second page has Friday and 3 blank checklists for anything – you could use them for cleaning if you’re a Hincher!

I hope they help and that you are all keeping safe and well during this unsettling time.

Lots of love

Hannah Spannah

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