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Since I began to blog earlier this year (I had posted a couple of times before that but purely for myself), I have immersed myself into the blogging world. To none bloggers, there is a whole new world out there which can be quite daunting, terrifying (you try changing some html code and making a mistake with no idea how to fix it) and you can feel like a very small fish in a pond full of smart, shiny fish who know the lingo and each other. 

It can be hard to find your place in the blogging world. You start off by asking for help in forums and hope to make friends with the people who answer your questions but everyone is so busy and some seem so knowledgeable and I for one felt a bit lost and stupid.

The best way to become a successful blogger is to write and learn and write learn and improve your style and voice. But it’s hard to do it on your own. 

That is why I am starting this Linky called ‘Find your Tribe’. I have been advised to ‘find my tribe’ once or twice. A group of bloggers that you can talk to, ask advice of, bounce idea’s around and support each other but so many bloggers know each other and seem to have their Tribe already. Not a clique, not a place to be exclusive but instead, the opposite. A place to include others and have fun. If you decide to attend a blogging event such as Britmums or Blogfest, it’s much less daunting to arrive, knowing that you have some friends to finally meet and make the awkwardness of not knowing anyone, a thing of the past. 

The Find your Tribe linky will only be for ‘new’ blogs, created since 2014. You can link any type of post. A review, a rant, a competition, picture posts, your days out or a heartfelt story. All posts have a home here.

I have also created a Facebook group for this Linky called ‘Find your Tribe’ which you can ask to join after joining in with the linky. This is an important part of the link- this is where you can find your tribe. You can ask questions, for advice or tell us that you are proud of something you have achieved with your blog. I will also keep a document pinned to the top for bloggers happy to be nominated for the Leibster award or One lovely blog award etc. 

Alongside the Facebook group, keep linking your posts to the Linky here and you will get to know other’s blogs and logo’s and soon they will become familiar to you and you to them. You’ll learn about bloggers through their posts that they link and then behind the blog, in the Facebook group.

small facebook badge

Alongside all of the above, I have created a Find your Tribe Pinterest Board that you can add all of your posts to and a Find your Tribe Weekly Stars Board for the linked post that I will feature as post of the week.

If you are not sure what a linky is, a linky is a bog post. The blogger uses a program such as inlinkz, to allow other bloggers to add their own blog post to the original post.  The original blogger will then comment on your blog post and other bloggers who join the link, may comment on your post as well. each link has different rules so a sure that you check the rules of an individual link. You then comment on the host’s post and again, dependant on the rules, other blogs that have been linked.

It’s a great way to start interaction with your blog and also find new blogs to read.

If you don’t know how to join in with a linky or Link Party, the following video will explain everything and walk you through how to join technically. *Please excuse the sound quality. I tried to re-record but as it’s half term, my son was over shadowing the tutorial. Sorry.


If you’re just looking for the badge for your post, here it is. Full details of the linky are given weekly in the Find your Tribe blog, posted every Thursday.


Hannah Spannah Coco Banana
I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.
To find other Links, Linky’s or Link Party’s to join, visit Single Mother Ahoy. The link that am sending you to is closed, however, if you scroll to the bottom of the post, Vicky has added a list of nearaly all of the various linkys that go on every week. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do lots. It’s hard not to, but start with one and then you’ff soon work out which ones you like best. Click here to find other Linky’s. Scroll to the bottom.


  1. That’s a really nice idea! I started my blog in 2014 and have definitely found that they people I’ve met through the blog are some of the nicest people out. I’m off to join the facebook group now. x

  2. Hiya, I really love this idea! I’ve signed up to the Facebook group – so do I come back on Thursdays to link up? x

    1. Yes Sarah. My post will go live at 6am. I’ll post it on my blog and in the Facebook group with full instructions x

  3. This is a fabulous idea! Thank you for hosting Hannah:) I will go and check it out on Facebook now and look forward to linking up soon!

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