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Find your Tribe Linky #6

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Hello! It’s time for Find your Tribe linky #6

Thanks to those that you that have returned and linked. I’m hoping that when things calm down after the stress of Christmas, we’ll have more people joining the linky. For now thought, thanks for sticking with me. I promise that in the New Year, I’ll promote, promote, promote this linky and get it growing and fun to take part in.

How has the week been for you? Last week was quiet until Friday. I attended the opening of a new Joules store in Harrogate which was brilliant and I’ll be writing about it soon. That evening, I was invited to attend the annual Co-op Bloggers Christmas party. It was fantastic! Prosseco on arrival, beautifully dressed round tables to sit at with gorgeous centre pieces and new blogging friends to meet. We tasted their Christmas specials – all three courses and had a different wine with each course. The food was delicious and I urge you to look out for their new Pin Wheel sausage rolls and Millionaires Shortbread desserts!

Onto the linky. Please do let other bloggers know that we are here.

Thank you so much for your support this week. I have added all the posts to the Find your Tribe Pinterest board and if you would like to add your own posts to this board, please feel free to message me through the contact me page on here and send me your email address and I’ll add you as a collaborator. ( I promise  that I will do this soon!)

As I mentioned last week and below, I am going to choose a post each week, to be the ‘Tribe Star’. This post will be added to the Tribe Stars Pinterest board.

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This week’s ‘Tribe Star’ is Sue from Crushing Cinders.

Sue’s blog is so interesting. She writes about the books she has loved, the books she has liked and the new books that she comes across. Behind the books, Sue is a School Librarian and currently lives in South Africa although she is about to return to a tiny village in Sumatra, Indonesia and is loading her kindle and stuffing her suitcase with books as there are not many to come by! 

This week’s post is about her favourite books from her childhood until today and it’s nice to see that even though we grew up thousands of miles apart, we have books in common.

If you’ve linked before and you know the score, scroll down, grab the badge and link up. If this is the first time you have linked up, please keep reading. It’s quite quick and painless I promise!

So, welcome to the fourth Find your Tribe Linky where the only criteria is that your blog was created in 2014 or later. 

Why 2014 or later? 

It’s hard when you are a new blogger or have a new blog. You may be nervous or unsure or just feel like a tadpole in a pond full of big fish.

This Linky is designed to help you Find your Tribe.

What is a Tribe? I’ve heard ‘your tribe’ mentioned a few times. Basically, a tribe is a group of blogging friends that you can turn to, to ask questions, for help, support and friendship with a shared interest. A tribe may help with retweets, sharing posts or a simple comment on a post that they enjoyed. 

Running alongside the Linky is the Facebook group. In the Linky you will get to know people through their blog and will become familiar with names and logo’s but in the group, you’ll get to the person behind the blog and that’s the key part for building you tribe.

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Each week I will feature one linked post as ‘post of the week’. If you are featured as post of the week, please click here and grab the code to add to your featured post.






I have also created a Pinterest Board that you can add all of your linked blog posts to and a separate one that I will add the weekly stars to also. If you would like to add your posts to the Find your Tribe board, I can invite you to join the board via email so please leave your email in the comments below if you would like to join.

Are you a new blog or blogger, 2014 +? Come and join in the #FindTribe link and Find Your Tribe Share on X

Now all of that is out of the way, here are the Linky rules.

** You can link 1 post per week. Be sure to paste the Find your Tribe badge on the post you would like to link up (video instructions to talk you through the process here if you are unsure). It doesn’t matter what post you link. It can be a review, a rant, a family day out or any subject. Whatever inspires you. Please don’t link a post more than once though.

** Comment on my post that I will link as host.

** Comment on at least 2 other posts that are linked. The post that is linked directly before your post (or any 2 if you are first and any other that grabs your attention –  support other new bloggers – it’s what this Linky is about.

It would also be great if you could share your post and the Linky (using the hashtag #FindTribe) on your social media channels to help other new bloggers find us. I will also retweet all your posts via Twitter if you mention me in your tweets @hannahspannahcb.

an example might be: I linked (short link to your post) to #FindTribe via @hannahspannahcb

If you would like to follow me on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Linkedin, it would be lovely to see you there but it is not compulsory. 

Here is the badge to grab:


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