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front coverFind the Frog from Templar Publishing

I was really pleased to receive this book to introduce to little man. I didn’t really think much about the actual book and concept, I just love new books. However, it became apparent really quickly that little man loves to search for things and is pretty good at it!

The book, as you will now know, is called Find the Frog from Templar Publishing, illustrated by Stephan Lomp.

Each page is illustrated with great characters that continue through the book. The main goal is to (have I said it enough yet?) Find the Frog but alongside this, there is a story running that encourages you and your child to look for other situations and ‘people’ doing different things. The ‘people’ are animals. There’s a very naughty Giraffe who runs through every page but finally gets his comeuppance at the end, dogs, cats, monkeys and many a frog. 

ftf collage

I thought that little man, being only 3, would see finding any frog the goal but once he saw the features of the particular frog in question, he ignored all others, listened to the cue in the question and was only satisfied when he found the correct frog.

I was really surprised as on one page, you can’t even see the Frogs face but my son knew that it was the ‘right’ frog! If your child is younger though, you could start with any frog as the hunt and then as they grow older, talk about the characteristics of the main frog and encourage them to search further meaning that the book can grow with your child. 

It’s a firm favourite in our house now. We read it at any time of the day and although he can find the things he needs to pretty quickly now, he still enjoys it. It gives him a sense of achievement and I obviously praise him. 

I would 100% recommend this book. It would make a great gift for a child between two and four and will help to improve their observational skills. After receiving this book, I have gone out and actually bought a game to further test his skills. I didn’t know but he loves this kind of thing and it keeps him happy, we get to sit together for longer and it has educational benefits (sssssh, don’t tell the kids!)

I hope you enjoy! 







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    1. Thanks- it really is good. Hope your little ones like it as much as my son x

  1. My big 2 adore books like this – definitely one for the Christmas stocking list I think! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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