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February 2016

february 2016


February 2016. Stop. Stop the car. I want to get out.

Life is moving at a pace that I’m not entirely comfortable with. I’m just finding that nothing is getting done. Life takes everything I have. 

Little man needs me a little more than usual right now. There are a few things going on behind the scenes that are making him a little insecure and his sparkle has reduced slightly and so I am working hard to build him up and get him back to his usually bright self. That means that everything else, the washing, ironing (??!) cleaning and tidying etc, is done with his help and takes much longer or when he is at pre-school! However, he goes for 4hrs, 3 mornings a week and by the time I’ve dropped him off, returned home, tidied up and taken the dog for a meander, there’s not a lot of time left for blogging and dealing with my human sized pile of things to sell on ebay and drawers that I need to sort out etc.

It doesn’t help that I’m slower than most at everything, thanks to my health, and the Chronic Fatigue and need to rest my back mean that I go to bed with little man nearly every night.

So, my New Years Resolutions. A month late, but they’ve taken this long to show themselves as needing to be worked on or changed – to organise myself into a routine. I find that I go to the Supermarket most days. That’s a huge waste of time! I need to get back into lists and using my diary and plan, plan, plan. I think the slow cooker needs to make a reappearance and I need to relax and let some things wait for another month. 

Hopefully, I’ll find myself back on my little place on the internet, a little more often but until then, thanks for sticking with me.

Please share your tips for getting things done. What helps you tick things off your to do list? Favourite recipes, apps or speed cheats!




  1. Loved this post x especially as my four year old seems to have lost his spark recently and i’m really trying to bring it back out and be more patient too. Meal planning is great the few times I’ve done it .. I’ve had to remember to schedule it into the diary to sit and think over meals for the week. Even ordered food shopping online as felt it was better controlled! Will watch out for your next post.

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that your little one isn’t at their best. It’s worrying isn’t it.
      Meal planning and ordering on line! Yes!! Going on the list! Thank you x

  2. Oh bless you both – it’s times like this you really have to stop and take stock don’t you and you’re absolutely right, the house work can wait. Well in my opinion, it can always wait 🙂 I’m no domestic goddess so I don’t have any super sonic advice except to batch cook – it’s the only thing I do seem to ok with and it helps me to know meals are done for 2 or 3 days at a time. Otherwise, it sounds like you just need a break and to lift your mood so forget ‘life’ for now and focus on laughing with your beautiful boy x x x

    1. Thank you lovely Mim. You are right. I’m starting to clean as I go so maybe the sink in the bathroom as I get ready instead of the whole bathroom which takes me a long time and can then leave me in a lot of pain and wiped out. Less satisfaction but worth it. Batch cooking! Guess what I did? Whilst cooking last nights tea, I made home made chicken nuggets for the freezer and chicken casserole and roast squash and sweet potato for tonight’s tea!

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