Eve Sleep Mattress Review. 100 sleeps. Keep or return?

eve sleep mattress review

Eve Sleep Mattress review.

I had seen Eve Sleep on social media a few times before we were in contact to discuss a review. I loved their style and their obvious confidence in their mattress that took a combined 12 years in development – they had to in order to offer a 100 sleep money back guarantee including collection. 

A lot of people think that bloggers will just accept any product for review but that’s not the case, especially with something like this, I was quite picky. With smaller items, it doesn’t matter so much if you don’t like certain things – they’re hardly going to ruin your day, you can write a great balanced review and you could always give it to a friend but a mattress is such a big ‘buy’ both physically and for your expectations that I did my research first. Their website has about 900 reviews at the moment and over 700 of them are 5*. They also score a 4.7/5 on Amazon. I spent a lot of time reading them and it made me very excited for the delivery. 

I wrote about my initial thoughts after delivery and was very impressed but how do I feel now after my 100 sleeps and counting? 

I love the Eve mattress. 

I didn’t realise, until sleeping on the Eve Mattress, that my old mattress had been having more of an effect on my sleep than I was aware of. I suffer from a couple of chronic health conditions that leave me in near constant pain and so it was no surprise to me that I was in pain at night. Now I’m not going to say that the mattress has cured me – I don’t think any could, however, the relief from hip pain was instant. I sleep in foetal position mostly and from the first night onwards, I was amazed at how little it hurt to lie on my side. The Eve mattress is so soft yet so supportive. It’s hard to describe. My old mattress was memory foam but when I lay on my side, it felt as though I were laying on a hard surface yet I sink into the Eve and feel supported. I really do think that I fall asleep quicker now.



eve sleep mattress review


Another thing that I hadn’t realised, was that my old memory foam mattress was making me really hot. I often woke up uncomfortable and sometimes sweaty (yuck – sorry!) but just put it down to my conditions, my tablets, my son snuggled up with me or the dog (seriously, it is more a family bed than my own).

My son likes to play musical beds and when he see’s an opportunity, he goes for it. My sister stayed over one night and he saw this as his chance for us to sleep in the spare room and for my sister to sleep in our room. That night, I woke up, hot and sweaty again. It was only then that I realised that I wasn’t waking up like that on the Eve. They do say that they use a new generation foam that offers a cooler sleep but until this point, I just hadn’t put 2 and 2 together and realised that my old mattress was making me hot and that the Eve wasn’t.

I want this review to be believable. I have no contract with the company, no directions on how to write this and nothing to include but I also want to tell how much we love it. I say we as my sister has slept on it a few times (as I say, musical beds) and has wondered if she gets a better sleep on it than at home as she feels as though she does. Last time, her Fitbit confirmed that she’d slept better on the Eve than she had at home for quite some time. She’s now doing her own research and is seriously considering purchasing one. 

So, just to clarify. I really recommend the Eve Mattress and am so incredibly happy to have the pleasure of sleeping on one. If you are looking for a new mattress, you should really include one in your shortlist. If for some reason it’s not the one for you, they’ll come and collect it, free of charge and give you your money back. You can’t really go wrong, can you?

The Eve Sleep Mattress comes in a variety of sizes with prices starting at £349. They offer 12 months interest free credit subject to age and status.







Eve Sleep Mattress Review

Eve Sleep Mattress Review


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