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Eve Mattress

The Eve mattress is funky. It’s not just a really good mattress (more on that later) but it comes in this very heavy, but amazingly small box. Bright white and yellow and very eye catching. It arrives very well packaged and tightly wrapped in plastic. You need to wrestle the box upstairs, or like me, call your friend’s husband and ask them to do it for you, and take it out of the box and put the tightly bound mattress on your bed. Do not cut the plastic if it’s not on your bed or in the bedroom if you are alone as it very quickly takes shape and would be hard to manoeuvre alone.

Eve Mattress Packaging

Once you work out which was is ‘sunny side up’, carefully cut the packaging and you’ll be amazed at the swoosh of air as it starts to almost inflate in front of your eyes! They say that it takes up to 4 hrs to reach it’s full depth but honestly, it was practically there in 2 minutes – It was incredible to watch.

Eve Mattress
This was literally after 10 minutes. From a couple of inches thick to this!

My son, obviously, dived straight on but we did this in the morning and left it all day to reshape.

The one thing I would recommend if you are like me and very sensitive to smells, is to do this a day or so before you want to sleep on it and air it without covers. In the booklet that comes with the mattress, they acknowledge that like most brand new similar mattresses, and indeed cars, it will have a brand new smell for a couple of days and for me, this was strong but I think this is my issue.  I had the same issue with a the last memory foam mattress that I bought but as I say, I’m super sensitive and can hardly tolerate perfume or cleaning products.

The Eve Mattress comes with an incredible 100 day money back guarantee. It is as it sounds. That has to give you confidence.

Eve Mattress guarantee

They also give you a 10 YEAR warranty that “covers any physical flaw in the mattress (including cover) that causes the mattress to lose its shape or the components to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling”. That means I’ll be heading towards my 50’s (holy cow, that’s given me palpitations) and the mattress will still be under warranty.

We slept on it the first night (and obviously ever since!) and it really is comfy. I know that sceptics will think ‘well, of course you’re going to say that’ but I would rather send a product back or be truthful than write a false review. 

It feels so supportive yet soft. It’s the softness on my hips that I noticed the most, when I slept on my side. 

eve mattress hello

We had a really good nights sleep. I say ‘we’ as Bear wouldn’t allow me to have a new mattress alone and so slept with me. He slept until 7.10am! Honestly! He usually wakes between 5am and 6.30am. I know it’s probably a fluke but maybe it’s not? When I woke up in the morning, I went to my old memory foam mattress that I had moved to the spare and isn’t as good quality as the Eve and my hip hurt when I lay on my side. I’ve tested this 6 times and it’s true! 

I’m well into the 100 days and I am still loving it.

The team behind the mattress are young and vibrant and full of enthusiasm. They use a new generation of Memory Foam that is cooler and offers more bounce- that must by why my hip hurt less. They have taken feedback from over 70,000 people to develop the mattress from prototype to the finished product, and over 12 years. I love that it was designed but more importantly, manufactured in the UK and to keep costs low, you can only buy it on line. However, if you could buy it in a shop, I don’t think it could be any better than the 100 day money back guarantee as how could you compare mattress after a 2 minute lay down test?

eve mattress

I’ll let you know my thoughts after 100 days but I don’t think I’ll be returning it. Hands off, it’s mine!



*Disclaimer: I was sent the eve mattress for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are as always, my own.


  1. Cannot beat a good mattress!
    A comfy mummy is a well slept happy mummy.
    My parents are on the look out for a new mattress so will pass this blog onto them


  2. This is fab, last time I brought a mattress I made the excited mistake of cutting it open downstairs and because it was folded in half it sprung open and flung me across the hall…I was not hurt and it was apparently hysterical to watch…I love memory foam mattresses and this look like a really good quality one #weekendblogshare

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