Easy Peasy Halloween Food Ideas

Easy Peasy Halloween Food Ideas!PINTERESTPicMonkey Collage

It’s nearly Halloween! I know Halloween can cause a bit of a divide between people. I can see both points of view but I am in the ‘enjoy and have fun’ camp. I’m lucky that we live in a small village on a long street. Most people have dogs and we’ve all met on the street now and then. We would never knock at a house without lights on and never at a house with no Halloween decorations. The unmentioned code is that if there is a pumpkin or Halloween lights or decorations, that house is happy for you to knock.

Some houses with dogs that will bark too often, young children who may be sleeping or simply don’t want to be disturbed but want to join in, generally hang a bucket of sweets on their railings or gate and children simply help themselves. It takes away from the fun of saying ‘Trick or Treat’ and trying to scare the homeowners but it’s a nice touch. No one has so far taken advantage of generosity and nicked off with a whole bucket!

We will have tea early, at about 4pm and then go trick or treating at about 6pm.

On our menu, amongst other things……….

halloween pizza spiders

These are so easy to make.

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]FRANKENSTEIN JELY

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′]bananaghostmain

[yumprint-recipe id=’6′] If craft is more your thing, we got the glue sticks out last week…..take a look





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