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Bostik Easy Christmas Craft Idea’s

bostikpintBostik Easy Christmas Craft Idea’s.


If you’re starting to consider the length of time that your kids have off school over the Christmas holidays and are looking for some simple idea’s to keep your little darlings busy, look no further!

The internet or your local craft shop is your friend. Look for foam shapes such as Snowmen, Christmas Tree’s, Wreaths, Bells etc and anything else festive. Order some jewels, leaf shapes, felt that you can cut into any shape, sparkles, baubles etc. You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle!

If you would like to put your little one into a chain gang style craft express line, provide blank cards, pipe cleaners and all of the above and set them free! Homemade Christmas Cards that your friends will be jealous off and also impressed by your ability to let the kids at the messy stuff!

I know I sound as though I am joking but really, there is only one way to approach crafting with glue and sparkles and the dreaded glitter at home. You have to let go. Cover any surface that you care about. Set the kids up in an area that can be easily cleaned. Put them in old clothes or good aprons, instructions and rules (such as no throwing glitter!) and then let them at it. You can shake a painting sheet outside, hoover the house and wipe things down. Try to not to interfere unless its essential and if you can handle a hoover and mop down ( after bathing the kids!) it’s really not too bad.

Bostik do make it easier though. This week we tried out a Fine and Wide Glu Pen with Clear glue and some of their Glitter Pens. Both were really easy for toddlers to manage on their own which was nice as poor little man is always having to ask me to help squeeze glue out which ruins his creative independence and I never do it quite right!

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Little man and I had a go at making some Christmas cards and some decorations for the house.

The cards are simple. We were sent some amazing christmas tree branch-like pipe cleaners as well as more traditional sparkly golden ones.

I started with the longest length that I wanted for the bottom of the Christmas tree and then proceeded to cut slighty smaller branches in succession. I asked little man to draw a line of the clear glu using the fine end, following my finger as I ‘drew’ the line and he did really well. he pressed down the branches and that was that. Really pretty, effective and quite classy Christmas cards made by a 3 year old. But we don’t want classy do we? No. Bring on the glitter. Finally, glitter pens that worked and glitter glu that came out easily! He loved it!




Next we tackled the tree and the wreath. Top tip: if you would like them to look a certain way, only have within sight, the things that you would like your little one to use. Forst I supplied the felt shape and glue. I asked little man to put dots all over the tree, using the thin end of the Glu pen. I then supplied the Jewels. Job done! Next, I gave little man the wreath. We decided to try the wide end of the glue pen which was really easy, You simply replace the narrow end lid and remove the wide end lid.



I asked him to cover the wreath with glue. Then I gave him the leaves (which you could cut out of paper or felt or any material really) and he stuck them all down. Finally I showed him the sparkly balls and suggested he put a blob of glue wherever he wanted to stick a ball.

Job done. Some brilliant crafts that I’ll keep forever, a happy boy who was able to craft indepentandtly and a relativliy small mess to tidy up!

Good luck and let me know what you think.





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