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Early Spring and Easter Picture Roundup 2015

easter roundup picWell, the weather started off grey and cold but despite this, the flowers and new life pushed through and made their presence known. Then, the sun came out! Woo hoo! Welcome to our Early Spring and Easter picture round up.

We love to be out and about. My son needs the space and the freedom to explore, to move, to dig, build and run. We both need a break from the everyday ‘slow down’, ‘calm down’ and ‘stop’.

This is what we have been up to recently:

Early spring and Easter picture roundup

  1. a very happy boy who found a big puddle on a dog walk
  2. new born lambs
  3. daffodils, snowdrops and crocus’s
  4. lamb cuddles
  5. narcissus
  6. more lamb cuddles!
  7. bubble fun
  8. first EVER ice cream from an ice cream van
  9. typical slide position!

Early spring and Easter picture roundup

  1. diggers and dump trucks on the beach
  2. guinea pig love
  3. kite flying
  4. calves
  5. king of the castle
  6. duckling
  7. sandpit heaven
  8. crocuses in our graveyard
  9. home made, home blown Easter eggs

Early spring and Easter picture roundup

  1. New Trampoline!
  2. Easter chocolate
  3. Early morning Dog walk and Bike ride
  4. First ever Donkey ride on beach trip #2!
  5. Beach selfie xxx
  6. Do walk, river fun
  7. Raspberry sauce!
  8. SPLASH! Beach trip #3
  9. Digging in our garden


I really feel as though we made the most of the Easter school holidays. Although little man only goes to preschool 2 mornings a week, I really miss him and with other playgroups and activities, I find that term time just ticks along and we do’t have much time for spontaneity.

In the midst of all this, we had an Easter Egg hunt in the garden. I made a video for the little one last year and he loves it so much that I made another.

What have you been up to recently? Have you been anywhere new or had any new experiences?

I hope you liked our Early spring and Easter picture roundup and thank you for reading as always.

love x






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    1. Thank you Lorraine, we tried our best. I was certainly worn out by the end

    1. Thanks Bintu, he’s a nightmare! He once road his bike down a slide when he was two! I’ll have to try and find the photo! Full on adrenaline junkie

    1. Thank you very much. I hope the warm weather finds you soon! We’ve gone cold again and are back to coats and hats. It was nice whilst it lasted!

    1. Thank you Karen. The video was a little indulgent and probably boring for everyone else but I’m just practicing making them at the moment

  1. What a fun post, so many wonderful activities and photos.. Your son is adorable. The video is cute! Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you Eileen, that is really kind of you to say. Hope you had a good day also!

    1. Thank you Merlinda, thats really kind of you to say. I don’t think its much of a good video at all but you are kind to say so. Practice practice ad maybe try things out with video that you don’t mind messing up and then you can try all the edit functions

  2. Welcome to Nature Notes…Oh my goodness. I was smiling ear to ear with the photos and video of your adorable son. He is so cute. I am thrilled to see children out enjoying nature. I hope to do things like this with my grandson when he is old enough. I do visit a blog written by a Mom of young children like yourself and she writes about all kinds of outdoor activities with young children here in the US. Her name is Mae and here is her blog..

    Michelle from Nature Notes….

    1. Oh thank you Michelle, your grandson will be old enough before you know it. My Mum loves being out and about with my son too. I’ll take a look at the blog you suggested. Thanks once again

    1. Isn’t it just! I think it’s the first sign of better weather that makes it so exciting and fun. Thank you

  3. This post is just lovely! Your son is adorable. I totally with you about taking a moment to stop, especially kids, they need activity and a break from their “daily grind” so they can explore the earth. I love your blog layout BTW! And wonderful photos.

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