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Day 5. Two more days to go!

I am really struggling today. 

I have a gorgeous 2 year old, Bear, that likes to eat. Good food, healthy food, but food nonetheless. 
I also didn’t plan these things well. It’s Easter. Who does a 7 day juice plan over Easter weekend?!! I’ve been surrounded by Hot Cross buns, chocolate eggs, bunnies, you name it! Aaaaagh!!
So it’s been hard, but I’m through it. Just. I *may* have eaten some whole cucumber that wasn’t juiced. I *may* have eaten the crust off Bear’s sandwhich as well. Oops.
I feel bad but not that bad. I’m hurting and I’m tired. I’m not saying that the Juicing doesn’t work. I’m sad that I don’t have the energy you’re supposed to have but maybe my expectations were a bit too high. 
I read about people arriving to his juice spa in agony and leaving practically skipping but I guess the difference is not standing and making all these juices and caring for a two year old, whilst your pain meds are being reduced!!
I do feel more awake and I think I can credit that to the juicing. My head feels more alive and fresh. Hopefully this will continue.
After the 7 day juice, you then have 3 days where you gently add food back in to your diet- chicken or fish with vegetables at dinner and you juice for breakfast and lunch. I can’t wait!! 
Oooh, something new! I just noticed that there is a 7lbs in 7 days app in the iPhone store. There probably is one for android users too. I recommend it highly. 
I’m reading the book on my iPhone and flipping through the days and recipes can be really tricky on the small screen. 
The recipes links on the pages in the iBook are only on day one or on the new day that they are introduced. 
The app is really nicely presented and easy to follow. It costs £4.99 from iTunes. 
It contains everything that you need to follow the plan although doesn’t have the full background research and inspirational true stories of success.


How it looks in the App Store. 


The schedule and the times are all set out and you simply click the times and the recipe comes up with a photo and a video 
As you can see on the bottom menu, there is a button for the 14 day plan. You can purchase this for a further £1.49 and then you can continue to juice whilst incorporating food. 
It looks like a healthy plan and would probably continue to help with weight loss. I’m in two minds whether to follow it or not. 
I’ve invested a lot of time and money so far- the fruit and veg is expensive and I think continuing the plan could also cost a little more than usual. 
I’m in two minds. I think I’ll follow the principles and it would also make a less hardcore ‘diet’ for in the future. It would also help continue the change of lifestyle that you need in order to keep the weight off that you’ve lost and continue losing if needed. 
Two more days to go until food! 
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  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks! I didn’t plan it well at all! Numpty! Thanks though. It was good and this app has made it so much easier than trying to follow the iBook.
    I’ve also found the 5lbs in 5 days app which has different recipes and I’ve enjoyed trying them and switching things up.
    How are you doing? X

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