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Day 3 of Juicing

Oh god. That Wheatgrass. I am so over wheatgrass and spirilunia. I hate the taste. Yesterday I dutifully followed the recipes for the two morning smoothies that contain these powders (or fresh wheatgrass) but I wasn’t enjoying them. If juicing is going to be a part of my life then I have to figure out a different way. 
Today, I mixed the powders with some water and took them as a shot. Followed by a slice of lemon to suck. Just like a tequila really but with non of the enjoyment. It was vile!! Maybe it’s just me. I’m sure there are people out there who enjoy this taste. Jason Vale seems to but it tastes like a cross between grass and mould. Like you’ve taken a big bite out of your sandwhich, only to find out that your bread was mouldy. And the filling was grass. 


My shot of green tar goodness and the ingrediants of the smoothie. This one contains apple, pineapple, cucumber and lime and the juice is blitzed with avocado and ice. 
It did mean I enjoyed the smoothie better! 
I’m not sure whether I can say much else. I’m tired and in pain but that’s normal and I had another busy day yesterday. I’m back on crutches but I’m reducing my pain meds because of side effects so that’s what is expect. 
My only problem is that I’m not managing to consume all of the smoothies. 
My appetite isn’t huge but I’m missing out two smoothies a day and I’m worried this might effect the results. 
Mostly this is down to my tiredness and early bedtime so I think I’m going to have to jig the times around. Saying that, tomorrow is day 4 and everything changes. 
Back to the supermarket it is then!
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