Competition Win an Amazon £15 gift voucher

Competition Win an Amazon £15 gift voucher

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Wow, wow, wow. Time has been ticking! I’ve been wanting to hold a (belated) blog birthday celebration give away for the last couple of months. Meanwhile, my brain has been beavering away and writing new posts and I decided to start a facebook page for my blog.

Blow me down, but my facebook page has only gone and gained 300 ‘likes’ in less than 8 weeks! I started the page on Valentine’s day and posted for the first time on February 28th. Here I am on April 12th, having reached a goal I hadn’t even dared to set!

It’s only right to say thank you for your support by holding a competition!

I am excited to tell you (if you’ve not already guessed!) that I have a £15 gift card to give to one of you lucky readers! I’d love to know what you would buy with it if you won.

Amazon is my absolute go-to shop for EVERYTHING! I’ve batch bought food, bought some clothes for my son, treats for my dog and of course, toys. I buy presents, tools, stationary, things for the garden, you name it. I don’t have a major shopping problem, but due to having Fibromyalgia and Sero Negative Arthritis (and a few other things!) shopping is incredibly hard and painful. I can just about manage the supermarket shop when I have to although I do quite often have it delivered (which is embarrassing as Tesco is less than a mile away! I do wonder what the delivery driver must think!) but I’m almost back at the point of needing a wheelchair to visit shops that don’t have trolleys t lean on or ‘walk’ from shop to shop in town. Crutches are ridiculously hard to shop with as I can’t touch anything and keep knocking things over!

How to enter the competition:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to everyone who has liked and shared any of my posts. Thank you for your support.





  1. Anne
    13/04/2015 / 07:15

    So, I have a fibro wishlist on Amazon which currently consists of some purple crutches, a heat pad and a batman onsie (that’s so I match the cat harness we use to take our cat outside…lol!). So, although it wouldn’t buy all of those, it would go towards them!! 🙂

    • Hannah Atkinson
      15/04/2015 / 10:17

      That’s a great wish list Anne. Fab choices! I had a harness for my kitten (there are some pics on the post about her!) ans she was really good with it although she’s free range now!
      I was thinking about pimping my NHS crutches soon!

  2. Caroline Burt
    13/04/2015 / 09:13

    I would treat myself to something for a change x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      15/04/2015 / 10:18

      Always a good idea. It needs to be done sometimes.

  3. Wendy
    13/04/2015 / 13:49

    Hi Hannah,
    I would love to have £15 to spend at Amazon. I would buy Almonds 😀
    I too have Fibromyalgia and I am currently trying a Gluten and dairy free diet. It is quite hard to do with my Fatigue and the cost of the food I need is killing me but I am at that stage where I need to try and see if it will help me get more energy. I go through so many Almonds I would love to buy them in bulk 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win this. I love your Blog posts that come through. It give me some me time to just sit and read. Thank You.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      15/04/2015 / 10:20

      Ooooh, Wendy, let me know how this change in diet works for you. I’ve read so many articles about reducing different things in our diet. Almonds are delicious. Do you eat the Meridian Almond Butter? I adore it on rice cakes- so does my little boy!

    • Jane Willis
      19/04/2015 / 08:00

      Do you find the almonds help? My husband has fibro but he’s not mad keen on nuts apart from the occasional salted ones to nibble. But I could sneak ground almonds into my cooking, I’m sure he’d love a korma with almonds in the sauce.

      • Hannah Atkinson
        19/04/2015 / 20:05

        I don’t eat them often enough to know but some people swear by various natural foods. I like the sound of the Korma sauce. Good luck x

  4. 13/04/2015 / 21:04

    Thank you so much for the chance to win an Amazon voucher. I love shopping on there – must get at least one thing each week. I would treat myself to a pretty pair of slippers for the summer. My fab woolly ones are getting a bit too cosy now!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:22

      Isn’t it just the best?! Summer slippers sound like a good plan. I end up living in horrid garden crocs! Good luck

  5. emily omara
    14/04/2015 / 20:33

    a cd 🙂

  6. Hannah Atkinson
    15/04/2015 / 10:21

    Any particular one Emily? How crazy that £15 would only get you one CD now a days. I remember the days when you could get more for your money! Ha ha ha. Nice to buy an actual CD to hold instead of a a download

  7. lisa prince
    15/04/2015 / 11:36

    oh this would be fantastic just found out im 14 wks pregnant so it would go towards the baby fund x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:24

      Oh good luck with your pregnancy! How exciting! Oh, it brings back memories. Try to enjoy it and definitely enjoy the shopping!

  8. Rebecca
    15/04/2015 / 10:52

    I would buy a selfie stick!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:23

      Brilliant! I thought I was the only person without one. Good luck!

  9. Emma
    15/04/2015 / 11:53

    What a lovely giveaway! I’ve been meaning to buy some more books. Fingers crossed!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:25

      A few people have said books. I used to read but don’t find the time now. Actually, I lie, if I stopped ‘reading’ Facebook, I’d probably find the time! Good luck!

  10. Jayne T
    15/04/2015 / 13:35

    Happy blogging birthday! If I won, I’d buy some kindle books off my wish list, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:14

      Thank you Jayne and it’s a pleasure! Fingers crossed!

  11. hannah
    15/04/2015 / 18:52

    If i won i’d probably be buying something kind of nursing related item or maybe put it towards a baby carrier 🙂 Thanks for the comp

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:13

      I got my Ergo carrier off Amazon (fulfilled by them so that I knew it wasn’t a fake) and loved it. Good luck to you!

  12. esther james
    15/04/2015 / 20:49

    A vibrating watch for my daughter to remind her to go to the loo!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:12

      That’s clever! I might have a google of those! Good luck

  13. Tess D
    16/04/2015 / 15:26

    If I won I would put it towards an air fryer- been on my wishlist for so long now! x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:11

      oooh, is that like an actifry? I can’t decide whether to go for one or not. They look great though. Good luck!

  14. 16/04/2015 / 15:48

    Well done on getting to 300 likes! I would spend it on kindle books – I’m addicted to reading!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:11

      Thank you Zoe- inn part due to your massive blog makeover! When do you read? I don’t ever seem to find the time! Wish I did though. Good luck!

  15. 16/04/2015 / 17:48

    i have so much in my wish list mainly toys for the girls, AND black out curtains in a hope I can get the kids to sleep even 5minutes longer…

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:09

      BLACKOUT CURTAINS!!! Toys can wait! Good luck!

  16. 16/04/2015 / 21:52

    Happy (belated) blog birthday 😉
    Such a great giveaway!
    I think I would buy something nice for my niece who is due in just under a month (very excited!)
    Failing that, I would probably buy the 5 year diary that I have had my eye on for a very long time, it seems like such a nice idea to keep a diary for 5 years and get to look back over it and see how things have changed!
    Jade x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:09

      Thank you Jade! The 5 year diary looks so good. I wish I’d started one for my son when he was born. I think I might start one anyway! How exciting to buy for a new baby niece! Good luck!

  17. Kirsten Melville
    17/04/2015 / 09:51

    I’d buy my son Lego batman 3, as he’s desperate for it x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:07

      Is that a game or a toy? y boy is only 3 so we have all this to come! Good luck!

    17/04/2015 / 21:41

    I’m stuck in a wheelchair after some mega surgery so can’t go shopping – with some family birthdays coming up this would go someway to organising a little prezzie or 2!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:06

      Oh you poor love. I hope you heal quickly and aren’t in a wheelchair for too long. It really is horrid. Good luck for your health and the competition

  19. Jane Willis
    19/04/2015 / 07:56

    I’d buy one of the recipe books off my wish list

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:06

      Anyone particular? I like good old fashioned cook books with all the essentials. Good luck!

  20. Christine Reid
    19/04/2015 / 12:25

    I would buy some books on Africa, my current favourite reading.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:04

      Lovely. Have you read ‘Out of Africa’? I was lucky enough to visit her house in Kenya with my mum but it was before I had read the book or seen the film. I wish I could go back again. Good luck!

  21. Sara Goodman
    19/04/2015 / 13:56

    Lovely giveaway, thank you so much 🙂
    I would buy one of the books I have in my Amazon basket, there’s always a lot of slow moving traffic there 😉 Thanks for the opportunity xx

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:02

      It’s a pleasure Sara! How many books are in your basket and what genre do you prefer? Good luck!

  22. hazel Rea
    19/04/2015 / 18:31

    I’d put it towards some new trainers.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:02

      Nice. I love the Tiffany blue Nike’s. Good luck!

  23. Tracey Peach
    19/04/2015 / 19:16

    I would buy some new music xxx

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:01

      WOuld you buy CD or download? I’ve still got my cd’s but nothing to pay them on except my car!

  24. Tracy Nixon
    19/04/2015 / 19:22

    I’d put it towards a new sheepskin rug for my bedroom!

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:00

      oh, lovely. I love the feel of sheepskin rugs on bare feet. Perfect for when you’ve just climbed out of bed. Good luck!

  25. iain maciver
    19/04/2015 / 19:24

    some books I think

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 19:59

      Are there any you have your eye on? I never know which books to read and spend hours in book shops choosing!

  26. kellyjo walters
    19/04/2015 / 19:25

    ive my eye on 2 old cook books I want so will go towards that 🙂

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 19:59

      ooh, which ones? I love cookbooks (although very rarely cook using one!). good luck x

  27. Tania Atfield
    19/04/2015 / 19:35

    I would buy some gifts for my kids

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 19:58

      That’s really sweet of you. Good luck x

  28. Fiona Paley
    19/04/2015 / 19:49

    A DVD box set.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 19:57

      Good thinking. Anything in particular? Good luck!

  29. Hayley F
    19/04/2015 / 19:58

    I also suffer from fibro amongs other conditions, i would buy craft things as i find it very relaxing x

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:16

      Oh, I’m sorry Hayley. Fibro never seems to hit just by itself does it? As if it weren’t enough on it’s own. I too find htat craft takes my mind off the pain and frustration. Blogging helps me too. Good luck x

  30. Kim Neville
    19/04/2015 / 20:04

    I desperately need a good iPhone case

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:26

      Well you’ll be stuck for choice them! I got a great ‘leather’ fold over case which was fabulous until my son threw my iPhone in the loo…..! Good luck

  31. Laura
    19/04/2015 / 21:05

    I would get this beautifully produced book of Alice in Wonderland and other stories

  32. Martina Pichova
    19/04/2015 / 20:11

    I would treat my toddler and baby to something nice.

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:27

      What a lovely mummy. Try not to forget yourself. Good luck!

  33. Kev C
    19/04/2015 / 20:22

    I’d buy myself some music 🙂

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:27

      Download or cd? Good luck!

  34. pete c
    19/04/2015 / 20:29

    would get a nice travel book

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:49

      Are you planning a trip to anywhere nice? I have wanderlust. I miss traveling so much. Good luck!

  35. laura banks
    19/04/2015 / 20:46

    i’d get myself some dvds

    • Hannah Atkinson
      19/04/2015 / 20:49

      Good luck! What genre do you prefer?

  36. William Gould
    19/04/2015 / 22:28

    Wife constantly finds thing to buy on Amazon, so I need all the vouchers I can get!

  37. Julie Booth
    19/04/2015 / 22:49

    some film noir DVDS

  38. Natalie Crossan
    19/04/2015 / 23:05

    A new book xx

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