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Children are getting their first mobile phone at 7 years old? Guest Post

children are getting their first mobile phones at 7 years old?


Children are getting their first mobile phone at 7 years old?
New research suggests that children now get their first mobile phone at 7 years of age – six years earlier than a decade ago. In 1993, the average age a child would get their first phone was 13 years. So why the huge drop in the age that children are acquiring these high value items?
Children are now being equipped with mobiles while still at primary school, with almost three quarters of parents citing ‘safety reasons’ and ‘peace of mind’ as the reasons for buying their child a phone. Almost half of these parents have opted for a pay monthly contract package rather than a pay-as-you-go option.
Peer pressure seems to play a part – 22% of parents only bought their children mobile phones as their friends or classmates had one.
This study also showed how trends in mobile phones have changed. Adults aged 25-30 mostly seemed to have had a Nokia3310 as their first phone, whereas nowadays children are more likely to request the latest smartphone.
Adam Cable, director of, said: “Despite the argument that parents want to keep their children safe at all times, many may think that seven years old is far too young to own a mobile phone. However, I have seen four-year-olds who can work their parent’s iPhone or iPad perfectly well.”
The protection and safety of children is obviously paramount, and I do believe that mobile phones have their place in the lives of young people. But is 7 just too young for such an item? I believe it is. I don’t believe they need it for their safety – at that age shouldn’t our children be with us, and under our responsibility? Should they be on their own for long enough to warrant the need for a mobile phone? I don’t think so. Teenagers at high school, yes. It is important for their independence and safety.

But at 7 years old I think children should be children. Lets get back to teaching our little ones what fun is. It’s not texting your friends – it’s getting out there and climbing trees with them instead. Right?


Let us know your thoughts. Have you bought or are you thinking of buying your child a phone? How old are they?

I say ‘us’ as I am currently in Spain and (hopefully) enjoying the sunshine! This post has been written by a wonderful blogger friend of mine Kate Fever, who blogs at Family Fever.

Kate writes with passion and her blog has a great mix of fantastic product reviews, beautiful photo’s (she’s a professional) , recipes, competitions and amongst others, my favourite bit- her 3 birth story’s that will soon have another added to it!

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I am Kate and I blog at Family Fever – a UK parenting and lifestyle blog. I am a mummy to 3 gorgeous little ones and number 4 is due to arrive in June 2015. My blog is an online diary of our family life with reviews, competitions, news stories and days out thrown in too!



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  1. This is a scary fact, my daughter (aged 6) has asked for a mobile phone countless times, I have said she can have one when she starts high school (12-13) I don’t agree with children having mobiles at primary school, I don’t understand how the age has dropped so drastically. Interesting post. #BigFatLinky

    1. My son is only 3 so isn’t eve aware that he could have a phone if he wanted one but I now that as soon as he starts school, the requests will come. If children do get mobiles when really young, I think the key is to only let them have the phone when they are out and about and have kept in a communal spot when at home.
      I got my first mobile when I was 18 and got my first car. I was young in those days!

  2. We’ve just given the Tubblet, whose 11 and starting secondary school, a mobile and a door key. Part of the begining of the right of passage of starting seniors. At 7?! No way!

    1. I agree, before that they are just too young to need it or protect themselves from the Internet or nasty texts

  3. ” children now get their first mobile phone at 7 years of age” – now thats a terrifying statistic.

    I’m not normally one to get all “back in my day”, but the idea of a bunch of kids running around with total access to google just worries me.

    1. I completely agree. Scary stuff. I dread to think what it’ll be like when my little one is older…?

  4. It’s amazing how young children want phones and tablets and other electronics!! It’s a little scary, I wouldn’t want my eight year old texting and calling people! #bigfatlinky

  5. Wow, seven does seem very early and I wonder if the percentage for whom peer pressure is the primary driver is higher than many would care to admit? If safety/peace of mind is the primary concern, why equip your child with a smartphone when a more basic model would do just as well?

    I agree that at 7 kids should just be kids. I can see us giving our oldest (currently 7) a basic pay-as-you-go phone at some point as his independence grows, but that’s still at least a couple of years away, if not more.

    1. That’s a great point- I agree that a basic model would surfice. The Internet in the palm of their hands is what scares me then most. Thanks for your comment

  6. Oh wow, 7!! I am a little old fashioned and my youngest too should not go out far on their own so don’t need one yet 🙂 Once they get one (like my oldest two) they never put them down,lol..

    I think my son is just about right at 12, for school ect so thinking of getting him one now.

    Thanks for stopping by the weekend blog hop..

    1. I’m the same. I hope I can make my little one wait until 11/12 secondary school. There are still the odd pay phones about too!

  7. My daughter has asked me for one and I’ve resisted so far. She sees her friends every day at school and we live across the road from her school so there’s no need, I hope, for a phone until she reaches secondary school. She’s 9 now but it is hard when her friends bring theirs to school. Some friends have TVs in their bedrooms and all sorts of products that I would have felt belonged with much older children/young adults. All kinds of things seem to be happening so much faster for our children than us but then our parents could say the same for us #BigFatLinky

    1. I feel the same about tv’s in bedrooms, they can watch all sorts of stuff with the volume on low without a parent knowing and that doesn’t even address the sleep issue. Well done for resisting so far x

  8. I’m not sure where I stand on this issue. On the one hand, for me personally, I think 7 is too young to need a phone. On the other hand, if it’s now the “norm” you wouldn’t want your kid to be the only one without a phone and feel left out, or worse make them a target for bullies. #bigfatlinky

    1. I see your point. It’s another decision that we’ll make and question a few times I imagine.

  9. I would love for children to be children for a s long as possible. Sadly this is just one area that they are growing up too fast. Thanks for sharing #bigfatlinky

    1. Hi Laverne! My blog is so boring compared to yours! I love getting my daily update. Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  10. I’m very anti mobile phones in kids. I simply don’t see the need whilst they’re always with a parent or responsible adult. My 7 yo’s dad (he’s a nob) has mentioned a phone 2 Christmases in a row and each time I’ve said no, she’s too young. I think her having a phone would encourage secrecy and they are still free to speak without a phone of her own.
    Once she’s the age where she walks home from school by herself and won’t be supervised then I may agree with a phone.

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