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5 reasons why your child should play golf

5 reasons why your child should play golf online golf

Recently, Bear and I were invited to enjoy a family fun day with Online Golf who are trying to get more children into golf. Would your child enjoy golf? Keep reading for 5 reasons why your child should play golf.

I really wanted to attend as my son loves playing crazy golf and I know that his Father would love for him to learn so that they can play together. What a great way to further develop their bond and spend more time together as he grows up. My Brother in Law is also a weekly golf player and so as he learns and improves, he’ll have lots of practice and encouragement.

A boy that I used to nanny for has an obvious talent in playing golf and travels the world taking part in children’s tournaments. I love that it is a calm, disciplined sport that very strongly encourages good sportsmanship yet includes a good amount of outdoor exercise.

So off we went to the fun day. It was held INSIDE a hotel conference room which worried me before we arrived (I had visions of my son whacking a golf ball through a glass window or accidentally knocking out a fellow player) but thankfully, all was well as they had soft balls, nets and it wasn’t a free for all with the clubs despite them being proper metal ones.

First of all, Bear started in the chipping net. He tried to convince the coach that he knew all about playing golf and was indeed an expert but his lack of prowess let him down! Bless him. He didn’t know how to hold the club but the coach showed him how to hold it and helped him work out where to put his hands. The only problem with this activity was that you need different clubs if you are left handed (as my so is) and they didn’t have one for this activity but it wasn’t a problem on the other courses. Who knew that you need a different set of clubs if you’re a leftie? I’m pleased that Online Golf don’t charge any extra for left handed clubs which I thought may have been a possibility as you seem to get charged extra for any differences.



Next, he moved onto the competition tracks where the children had to knock down as many bowling pins as they could with 3 balls on one, and then on the other, putt their balls into a bulls eye to score points. He loved this and didn’t too bad on this at all. He had a few goes and scored lots of points but not quite enough to win the set of clubs that was on offer.

The third course was a mini golf course and the children putted around the obstacles. This was the hardest for Bear as he had to be gentle in order to keep the ball on the course and many a ball went astray but he learnt some good skills and that it’s not all about hitting the ball as hard as possible! However, he is only 4 years old and he’ll getter calmer with age.



Here are 5 reasons why children should be encouraged to ‘get into golf’ compiled by the Online Golf team.

  • More children can play golf! For golf you don’t have to be tall, strong or fast or lean. Successful golfers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.
  • Chances of injuries in golf are very small to non-existent compared to other popular sports like football or rugby. Being no-contact, golf is a very safe, respectful sport.
  • Golf is an outdoors sport giving kids the opportunity to exercise al fresco whilst enjoying nature.
  • It creates bonds with friends & family! Whether your child plays golf with family members, friends or takes lessons with a pro, mentoring and playing together will create unique and close bonds that will last a lifetime.
  • Your child will learn important life lessons! Playing golf, kids will experience highs and lows, from the first hole-in-one or birdie to a misplaced shot in a bunker. Golf will teach your child that though we can’t always win, we always have another shot in life and skill comes with practice.


So what do you think? Will you encourage your children to give golf a go? Does your child already play?

Thank you Online Golf for inviting us to join you.


Hannah Spannah


  1. Love this and totally agree. My son is not particularly strong or sporty but his grandad has taken him to try pitch and putt golf and he really enjoyed it. We also love playing mini golf as a family. Such a laugh and a cheap day out compared to many family activities. Thanks for sharing #weekendblogshare

  2. Sounds like it was a nice session. N’s quite good with a golf club, but I don’t play and I can’t imagine he’d want to spend the time on the golf course needed for a round vs being on the farm. I was recommended by someone who saw him with a golf club to get him to the hockey club, which I would have more of an interest in, but N’s not interested, the junior club sessions don’t work for us, and let’s face it, it’s a bit dangerous compared to golf.

  3. My son is already 4 and before reading your post, I was considering which sports my son should take up. Now, I know I will try golf and with 5 reasons above, I hope my family will enjoy playing golf as the same as you say. Thanks

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