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I’ve seen chocolate bark all over pinterest in the last few years, especially at Easter and have wanted to try it but I never got round to it before adopting a vegan diet. I thought it was a chance lost until I did some research and shopping around and realised that I could still make some. It’s also a great recipe if your children are dairy free as they don’t have to miss out.

Craft How to....

I ordered some of the bits and bobs needed to make this Easter wreath, months ago and they have been sat on my desk, waiting for Bear and I to have the time to do it. We tried 3 different ways to make the individual eggs and have 3 different ideas for you display them. Yes, this is a very sticky craft but it is fun and the outcome is worth it. 

My biggest tip would be to make them in the kitchen if you have somewhere to sit as you will want to wash yours and your children’s hands quite often.