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Bear was so excited when he opened this package and realised what we had been sent to review. The Chillfactor Pull Pops kit comes with everything that you need (except the edible ingredients) to make ice pops / ice lolly’s, super easily and quick, once you perfect the technique.

You can watch our video of how to do it and see our initial mistakes and trouble shooting or keep reading.

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I’ve seen chocolate bark all over pinterest in the last few years, especially at Easter and have wanted to try it but I never got round to it before adopting a vegan diet. I thought it was a chance lost until I did some research and shopping around and realised that I could still make some. It’s also a great recipe if your children are dairy free as they don’t have to miss out.

Food Reviews

It’s Pancake Day! I have always loved Pancake Day – as a child it was the one day of the year that you could eat syrup laden pancakes for tea and not have to eat your veggies but this year, we’re having a Num Noms Pancake day and I’ve slipped some veggies into the recipe.