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Call the medics! A Dermocare review

plasters lead Plasters. They can also be known as band aids, they’re either plain and boring, pretty and girly or covered in whatever cartoon is in favour at the moment.

They can be ‘magic’ for some children- the tiniest of marks, the smallest spot of  blood and it can mean the end of the world (and your ear drums) until a small  piece of plastic is stuck on and does its job.

My little boy is now 3 years old now and really strangely has never been into    plasters! The shrieks come from me attempting to cover up some horrible graze  or cut that will no doubt be plunged into the nearest puddle or molehill when  the shock subsides! A week ago, he accepted his first ever plaster when our new  and young Labrador puppy mistook his hand for her toy and scraped his  fingers. Poor boy, he was heartbroken that his best friend had caught him.

The reason why I’m telling you this tale is because I was asked to take a look at some new plasters that have been designed by Dermocare. They are hypo allergenic and Latex free, just in case we have a visitor in need with an allergy, but what’s really different is the design. Dermocare have designed with nature and the planet in mind, by partnering with WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) and using high quality images of animals and marine life.

The plasters are brilliant! The pictures are cool and come in two sets- Safari and Ocean Life. Each box contains 18 plasters, two of each design, in three sizes. 4x7cm that would be great for knees and elbows, 2x7cm for your average scrape on the arm and 2x4cm which would be good for little fingers.

The Safari ones are wash proof and breathable and feature Giraffe, Cheetah, Rattlesnake, Zebra and Tiger prints and then others are pictures of animal faces and eyes- Giant Panda, Lion, Orang-utan and Tiger.

The Ocean Life ones are really clever- they’re not only breathable but rather fittingly, they are completely waterproof! The pictures on these are of a Dolphin, Seal, Sea Turtle, Clownfish (otherwise known forever more as Nemo), Seahorse, Penguin mummy and baby, Lionfish scales, Saltwater Crocodile teeth and my absolute favourite, a good knee size 4x7cm, Great White Shark!


When you buy these plasters, you are not only supporting the WWF but you are purchasing very high quality plasters that are gentle on skin and easy to remove.

So here I am, with a house full of plasters and a 3 year old, boisterous son who hardly sits still but have we had a need for a plaster? No we have not! How’s that for timing?!

However, I am a firm believer that ‘every day’s a school day’ (!) and so I gave the boxes to Spannah Junior to have a look at. He was really proud of himself for recognising most of the animals but also noticed something great about the boxes- they are embossed with the animal prints and features and are really tactile.









We had a great chat about the animals, where they live and which one was his favourite (Sleepy Seal) and then Dr Spannah had a few emergencies to deal with. Poor Dog!


PicMonkey Collage

We kept the plasters on all day, despite digging in the garden and when it came to removing them, I can confirm that they didn’t hurt like some can but better than that, my 3 year old agreed.

When I’m choosing plasters in the future, I’ll definitely reach for these due to their quality, comfort, design and for the fact that they are helping Wildlife. Thanks Dermocare!

If your children like drawing, take a look at the website as they could win a year’s supply of these great plasters!

Thanks for reading



    1. My little man isn’t in to sponge bob although I’ve put it on a couple of times as the humour is bare able! How old was your son when he was into it?

    1. It’s magic isn’t it?! I loved the range of animals on these. Very cool, especially for boys x

  1. the seal one is adorable! i can imagine it being hard to decide which one to use as a child

    1. He took his time but ‘sleepy seal’ won hands down and he has a large soft mummy and baby seal that he loves x

  2. These plasters are lovely. As I never grew out of my fetish for cartoons and animals on my plasters. I think I’ll get some for myself 🙂

    1. Brilliant! I don’t think you should ever have to grow out of things that you still love (except for maybe using a dummy!) so go for it! I loved the Zebra one that I wore 🙂

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