Barkbeats review and unboxing

barkbeats  review and unboxing


Barkbeats review and unboxing.

Hello! At the end of May, we were sent a Barkbeats box. For those of you that aren’t aware, a Barkbeats box is a monthly subscription box for your dog! It’s brilliant!

How it works:

You go to their website and click on get started. You can also give a box as a gift which is a nice idea for someone who has just got a dog or if you just want to treat a friend’s pet.

You then choose the size of your dog so that the contents can be tailored

barkbeat review and unboxing size of dog

Next you choose your plan- from a one-off to a whole year



And then you fill in your address and payment details and sit back and await your arrival.

Another good feature is that you can have a look in previous months boxes to get a feel for the products you will receive and if you can’t wait for the surprise, you can even check what will be coming that very month.

Here’s the selection for July. You receive 5-6 products, depending on the size of your dog.



So, back to our box. What did we receive?

We got a big treat- called a muffin but it looked like a patty, with lots of healthy ingredients.

Some minty treat biscuits that she loved, some small bone shaped biscuits that are perfect for training treats, a packet of chicken ‘soup’ and her favourite of them all, an ‘oinking’ pig toy!

The box is really nicely presented and really fun.

barkbeats collage


Take a look at our unboxing and see what my little boy and Bella the labrador puppy thought of the contents! However, please accept my apologies for the over exposure! My camera was playing games with me 🙁

As you can see, we loved the Barkbeats box. At first, I thought it was quite expensive but the quality of the contents means that you are receiving products to a value above what you paid. Most dog toys on their own are at least £8-£10. Bella is quite a fussy dog – she likes everything, like a true labrador, but when it comes to her own food, she gets bored and goes on hunger strike quite often! This box is great for getting a variety of treats that you won’t get in your supermarket. I find that I buy her treats at least every week when I do the food shop. Also, Bella is a nightmare for destroying her toys! She doesn’t chew anything else in the house which is good but it does mean that we need a steady stream of new toys in the house.

RIP Pig. Still adored but no longer as one.

barkbeats collage2


I hope you liked looking inside the Barkbeats box. We had fun opening it and making the video despite the technical problems, and most importantly, Bella loved it!

I’m not sure whether I would subscribe for a whole year but I’ll definitely be ordering a box soon. One thing that I’d love to see, would be the option to by a 6 month subscription but to receive it every other month over a full year. If that option became available, I’d sign up for sure.

Thanks for reading, Love



    1. Do you know, I was really pleasantly surprised. It’s a great treat for your dog.

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