Baker Days Letterbox Cake

baker days letterbox cake

Baker Days Letterbox Cake

I am addicted to cake. Every type of cake, although I think Victoria Sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream has to be my favourite. I love to bake but I don’t too often as it’s really hard for me to resist the finished product and eat it all in one sitting. 

When Baker Days contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their Letterbox cakes, there was only one answer. Yes please. We didn’t have an occasion to celebrate but hey, who cares. Cake!

baker days letterbox cake

I perused their website and decided to ask for a design your own cake and chose a picture of Bear and our dog, Bella. 

There are so many categories – I couldn’t list them all, but if you can think of it, Baker Days either have a template of it or can make it for you. They are very current and have snapchat style cakes, emoji’s and also more traditional cakes. 

One thing that I thought was very good, is that you can get Vanilla sponge, Choc Chip sponge, Gluten free cake, Dairy free cake and fruit cake. They also can make and send a large variety of cupcakes and you can even put a photo on them too.

The cake arrived quickly and as they said it would, fit easily through the letterbox. Perfect for if you want to send a surprise to someone and you know that they won’t receive an annoying missed delivery card.

baker days letterbox cake

Now sadly, for us, Bear had a horrible accident on the day that the cake arrived, which required emergency surgery and a stay in hospital and the cake got put on the side and forgotten for over a week. That made no difference to the freshness of the cake as it tasted delicious (we had the vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream) but I did notice that the picture did blur a little and I’m sorry that my photo’s don’t do the cake justice. 

baker days letterbox cake

baker days letter box cake

The cake comes in a lovely tin that you can reuse, some candles, balloons and a little card. Perfect and a lovely touch. It is wrapped in plastic with a card base.

The icing wasn’t too thick and tasted really nice – not really artificial like some that I have tasted in the past. The buttercream and jam tasted lovely and the cake wasn’t dry, despite not being eaten immediately. I have nothing bad to say about this experience and will have no hesitation to order from them in the future.

baker days letterbox cake

baker days letterbox cake

Thank you Baker days! Find them on Facebook and Twitter




*Disclosure: I was sent the Baker Days cake for the purpose of this review but as always, my thoughts and comments are not swayed by this and are my own.





  1. Great review Hannah, love the descriptive manner of your post, and also the extra bits they did to enhance the experience you recieved, lets hope they do it all the time and not just because they knew you would be doing a review..

  2. Thansk for hosting the #WeekendBlogShare! I’d never heard of Baker Days but it sounds like a great idea and I’m impressed the cake kept fresh as long as it did – although I do worry that being able to get cakes delivered directly to my house, could be a bad idea…. (also hope Bear has recovered well – how scary)

  3. I have seen reviews of these cakes before. I hadn’t noticed before that they did gluten free cakes though, that is really good. I’m sorry to hear about Bear, I hope he has recovered well.
    Amanda. #weekendblogshare.

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