Autumn Bonfire Collage

Our Bostik Bloggers Box of crafty bits arrived this month and as soon as I found out that the theme was Bonfire Night, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – an Autumn Bonfire Collage using the beautiful changing leaves around us.

Every time we go for a walk (daily as we have a Labrador) Bear collects handfuls of leaves that catch his eye. We came across some beautiful bright red leaves and collected lots to bring home. Bear wanted to paint them as we have done in the past but the natural colours are so beautiful and don’t need any help to shine through and give the impression of a roaring bonfire.


autumn bonfire collage


The collage is so easy to make and quite mess free as long as you don’t mind a bit of glue. It’s perfect for a toddler to do with help or for a child such as my son at almost 5 years old, to manage largely independantly. If you want to make a similar picture, you will need:


autumn bonfire collage


  • Bostik White Glu
  • Bostik Glue Pens
  • Bostik Glu Dots
  • Brush & Container
  • Black Card 
  • Brown Card
  • Scissors
  • Red / Orange dried leaves
  • Sparkles to embellish


First I cut a good handful of ‘branches’ out of the brown card, mixed a good blob of Bostik White Glu with some red and gold glitter glue in a pot and as I didn’t have a large piece of black card and so I stuck 4 A4 pieces together with some tape to make a large background for our picture.

I hardly need to tell you how to make this collage – basically, I drew an outline of an area that the base of the bonfire would be best to be within, in glue and asked Bear to spread the glue all over that area. I had already explained that we were going to make a fire, like the ones we have visited in the past and we had looked at some pictures for reference and so then asked him to place the ‘branches’ on in a pile on the glue.


autumn bonfire collage


Then, I knew that the leaves may not have stuck down so well with just the glu and so I helped out by applying some Bostik Glu dots to the back of the leaves. This can be a bit tricky for little fingers and also with the leaves being a little brittle and so this may be a bit for adults to do, no matter the age of the children.


autumn bonfire collage


We talked about the bright reds and oranges and how the leaves looked like the fire and then I asked Bear to put them on top of the branches to make it look like they were on fire. The glu dots really help to take the frustration away from art activities as we’ve all been there when something hasn’t stuck in place and taken ages to do dry.

When he had placed the leaves where he wanted, I then suggested that he paint them with the glitter glue so that they ‘lit up’, sparkled and ‘moved’ like real fire and he did this with gusto! 


autumn bonfire collage


Finally, we had some lovely silver stars which Bear decided to put into the night sky of the picture.

The end result is really effective and Bear is so proud of it. It’s hung proudly on our door and is helping with the autumn decoration of out house.

I hope you like our craft and maybe do similar yourself.


Our finished Autumn Bonfire Collage

autumn bonfire collage



Hannah Spannah 2016






*Disclosure: Bostik kindly sent the box of crafty bits in order for us to design our own activity


  1. What a brilliant idea. Bear really looked to be enjoying the whole thing and the finished picture is amazing. Well done Bear. Have a fun weekend and half term #weekendblogshare x

  2. I’ve been wanting to do something like this with my little one to celebrate the changing seasons but just didn’t know what. Definitely this is the way to go as she is loving collecting leaves also! Thank you for the inspiration! #WeekendBlogShare

  3. That looks wonderful and so simple too! I used to collect pretty leaves a child but due to chronic illness my son has never had the pleasure. I know when he is older he will appreciate going for a ride to simply see the beautiful fall foliage!

    1. It’s so hard when you’re ill. I’m stuck in bed now as I baked today. Hope you feel better soon x

  4. There is so much love – in addition to the art – in this entry. So beautiful, so adorable. And the natural fiery colors of the leaves is surreal. I actually want to get going and doing this myself. I collected lots of leaves last year but I ended up throwing them away when Fall finished. Love you guys.

  5. Fabulous idea! My girls have been collecting leaves with grandparents this week while I was in hospital with the new baby. This is a great idea of what we can do with them all, and perfect that they’ll be able to do it fairly independently. We also plan to make some autumn handprint pictures.

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