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dailymail In September 2015, I was involved in a fun piece for the Daily Mail where they asked ‘Can you spot a love cheat from their face? What do you think? Can you? 

metroAlso in September, my recipe for Low Fat Chocolate Biscotti with Weight Watchers Pro Points, was featured in The Metro on line. Click here to read the       article about National Chocolate Week. Yum! 


tots100logoIn September 2015 I wrote a post about the Carers Trust’s campaign, ‘Britain’s Best Breakfast. This post featured on the Tots 100 Front page. Click here to read about my carer and how you can help the charity.


baby pebblesJuly 2015 I wrote a post for Baby Pebbles, listing 5 things I wish for my son (not the usual or first that spring to mind) Click here to read what I wished for!



olivers madhouseJune 2015 – I wrote a guest post for The Oliver’s Madhouse and asked ‘Am I wrong to let my son paint his fingernails and toenails? Click here to read my post.





For Fibromyalgia Awareness day in May 2015, I was again featured on FibroDaily, where i explained ‘My life with Fibromyalgia. Read here





fibrodailyIn June 2014 I gave an interview to Jenna of Fibro Daily and I became Fibro Warrior of the week, #58. I talk about my life before Fibro, my journey to diagnosis and what keeps me going. Click here to read the article


















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