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animal handprints

Animal Handprints craft with Bostik Bloggers.

I know I have only just posted May’s craft, Rainbow Raindrops, horribly late, however, I want to be on time this month and as we  are having a very wet and cold summer, I thought you might be looking for crafty things to do with the kids.

I love these as they can be keepsakes as well.

June’s Bostik Bloggers theme is Jungle. Well, I know that you won’t find a Zebra or Giraffe in the Jungle but Bear loves doing handprints and really enjoyed this day and so we ran with it and adapted.

You will need:

Red, green, yellow, blue, purple, brown, black and white paint, lots of paper and baby wipes to clean hands in-between eat print.

A body shape, beak and eye for the parrot, a face and eyes for the monkey, 1 eye and a pen for the zebra and 2 eyes and a pen for the giraffe. (6 eyes altogether).

Buttons or jewels to stick to the parrot and Bostik Glu spots for this.

animal handprints


for the parrot, you need 1 red with white plan, 1 red with green fingers, 1 yellow with green fingers and 2 blue with purple fingers.

1 brown for the monkey, 1 white with black stripes for the zebra and 1 yellow forearm with only 4 fingers and brown splodges for the giraffe.

animal handprints

When they are all dry, assemble the animals using Bostik White Glu and accessorise with jewels and eyes, sticking these on with Bostik Glu Dots. I also used the Glu Dots to stick the finished animals to the wall as they can be moved around and are ok for painted walls.



parrot handprints

animal handprints

animal handprints

animal handprints

animal handprints

animal handprints


animal handprints








These handprints were inspired by an original post by Michelle from Crafty Morning


  1. Awww how cute are they? So easy to make on a rainy day too! My daughter goes crazy with glue dots – I do tend to find them all over the house! Sim x

    1. Ha ha ha! We love them too although thankfully they’ve stayed on the art!

  2. Oh my goodness these are super cute!! Thank you for such a lovely post – we will def. be having a go trying this. I think the kids would love it! 😀


  3. So cute. My kids are teenagers now and sadly past the phase where they’d find this fun, but I’ll definitely put this on my list of gifts for my younger rellies! Thanks for sharing and thanks for #weekendblogshare

  4. These handprint crafts are so cute and they get bigger as they age so it’s so fun to line them up in a row. Both my boys are well past this age and I really try to not save every scrap of everything because you get overwhelmed with the school work coming home. That being said I don’t know that I’ve ever let go of one of these little hand art pieces. You pull it out of the cupboard and say “Ahh” and then put it back because it’s too cute to put in the bin.

  5. I love doing crafts with my daughter especially making animals with her hands and feet . We do this a lot for family and friends birthday cards. #weekendblogshare

  6. There’s some great ideas there. I like the “eb-za” best. My wife does a lot of these with the cubs for birthday and Christmas card so it’s nice to have more ideas to play with.


  7. Very cute! What a great idea. I know my mother in law would love to receive artwork from her grandchildren with their handprints.
    #weekendblogshare. (I’m new! Thanks for setting this up)

  8. I loved those days – finger-painting, face-painting, hand-print animals, macaroni pictures and necklaces, colouring, toys, games…enjoy each moment, it’s only once they’re gone you realize how perfect each one was. This made me smile with happy memories. 🙂
    Dropped by from your lovely #WeekedBlogShare and so glad I did.
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

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