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6 Easter Craft Ideas

6 Easter Craft Ideas

6 Easter Craft Idea’s


I don’t know about you but I am hating the way that Easter has fallen so early this year. Usually, it’s in the middle of the school holidays. meaning that you have a week to prepare and a week to enjoy, whereas this year, it feels like a mad rush. 

If like me, you enjoy all the craft and baking with the kids, don’t feel that you can’t do it after Easter. The kids are unlikely to care and it means you have plenty of things to do, to fill the holidays. 

Here are 6 idea’s that we have enjoyed. Click on each picture to visit the tutorial.

easter bunting

  1. Easter bunting. It’s really easy, effective and all you need is some card, string, glue and cotton wool. 

Easter craft idea's Easy Pretty Easter Bunting


egg box chicks craft

2. Egg box chicks. All you need are some egg boxes, paint, card and glue.

Easter craft idea's Easy Chick Treat Boxes


fuzzy eggs

3. Fuzzy Eggs. You need something egg shaped, some glue and some fuzzy pipe cleaners. 

Easter craft idea's fun fuzzy eggs

blown eggs

4. Blowing real hen eggs ( or any eggs you may have) is easy to do – my 4 year old could manage it and we made a youtube tutorial to show you how.

Easter craft Idea's blowing real eggs


twig tree

5. If you are going to make lots of Easter crafts and decorate some eggs, you need somewhere to hang them all. I wanted a cheap and easy tree that I could use all year round and so came up with my own tutorial.

How to make a decorative twig tree


Easter bag

6. If you are going to any Easter egg hunts in your local area, it’s easy peasy for the kids to make their own collection bag.

Easter Craft Idea's easy tote bag


I hope you all have a fabulous Easter and if you’re working the holiday’s, I hope you get to enjoy the Bank Holiday 4 day weekend. 








6 easy easter activities for you and your kids

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