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3 Easy Easter Crafts

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3 Easy Easter Crafts

You may have gathered that we are pretty crafty in this house. The crafts may not always work out but we love to give anything a try. Every month, we are kindly sent a box of craft goodies with a theme and two Bostik products to try.

This month, yes, obviously Easter, and with it, a golden oldie Bostik product – Blue Tac and a new one to me, Fast Tac, Permanent, Multi Purpose, Spray Glue. This stuff is brilliant! It is so sticky and brilliant for when kids don’t have much patience as it bonds very quickly. However – do not let the kids loose with this stuff! It’s not quite super glue but you can end up in a tangle with sticky fingers and I’d hate for it to get on any of my furniture. It is best used outside or in a well ventilated area with lots of protection for your surfaces. I can’t wait to give it a go with some other projects I have.

Craft 1.

easter chick


You will need an empty egg box, Bostik Multi Purpose Spray Glue or White Glu if you don’t have the spray. Yellow Paint and brush, scissors, googly eyes, some yellow card or material for the beak and some yellow foam, card or material for the wings.



PicMonkey Collagechick

One thing that I forgot to say, is that you will need a piece of tape – washi patterned tape looks the best, to stick the two pieces of egg box together. I used the spray glue to attach the eyes, beak and wings. If you are careful and practice, you can be very precise with it. Spray the bits that you want to attach, wait a couple of minutes for it to become tacky, and then stick on. That’s it and you don’t have to make the kids wait a day for it to dry before they have their finished item.

Make them in advance and use them for decoration and then fill with chocolate mini eggs for an Easter treat.

Craft 2.

fuzzy egg


PicMonkey Collageegg

This is so effective and little man loves it. There’s no way I could have made this without the Fast Tac glue as I’d have had to hold the pipe cleaners in place for a day before they dried in place! Saying that though, this is something you’ll need to do as it will get on your fingers and is too sticky for children. You will need an assistant to pass you the pipe cleaners though and ‘A’ liked choosing which one I stuck on next. You could hang a number of these by your window, using Blue Tac or hang it on a Twig tree.

Craft 3

collection bag

PicMonkey Collageeasterbag

This turned out really well and little man was able to do all of it.

I gave him the washi tape and asked him to stick some stripes onto the foam egg. He then decided that he wanted to put feathers in between. I sprayed the glue, we waited and then little man carefully placed the feathers on. 

Then, I put a piece of plastic into the bag to stop it from sticking closed, sprayed glue on all the buttons and the egg and again, after waiting a minute or two, little man placed them where he wanted them to be. That was it – a cute and effective, home decorated tote bag, ready to fill with Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday morning! 

Do you have an Easter Egg hunt? We have over the last two years and weather being ok, we will again this year.



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