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My 2017 Bucket List

My personal, family and social media Bucket List for 2017. Can I cross everything off?

I’ve seen a few of these posts around over the last couple of years and I’ve been envious of the people who have been organised enough to think about this and be ready to start on January 1st. Well this year, I’ve decided that I’ll be one of them. 

I have some home goals, one or two personal goals, a couple of generic blogging goals and lots of goals for Bear and I to cross off together. I may as well get straight into it. 



 1.  Declutter the living room and create a separate snug / reading area in the dining room / no man’s land.

 2.  Start Skint Dad’s 1p Savings Challenge .

 3.  Publish 3 times a week minimum on my blog.

 4.  Go on holiday. Anywhere, anyhow!

 5.  Have a night out with friends.

 6.  Decorate / reorganise and declutter bedroom.

 7.  Take Bear to Muker in the Yorkshire Dales where I frequented as a child

 8.  Visit the seals at Teesmouth.

 9.  Vlog more.

 10.  Take Bear indoor skiing – Castleford?

 11.  Push to sort my health out!

 12.  Sign up to and follow money plan.

 13.  Go to a couple of blogging conferences.

 14.  Collect sea glass at Saltburn Sand Dunes.

 15.  Go bowling.


My personal, family and social media Bucket List for 2017. Can I cross everything off?


 16.  New shelves in living room.

 17.  Visit a Stately Home and Gardens.

 18.  Teach the dog a new skill.

 19.  Take bear to catch fish in a jar.

 20.  Go camping.

 21.  Take little man to a theme park.

 22.  Collect conkers.

 23.  Reduce dairy intake.

 24.  Visit tropical world in Leeds.

 25.  Double my Social media stats from:

 26.  Reach my goal weight and stay there.

27.  Have a day out with my mum and sister no child.

 28.  Go crabbing in Whitby.

 29.  Pass my AAT level 2 Accountancy Qualifications.

 30.  Take bear to a new bike track.

 31.  Have a group or two of friends over for lunch.

 32.  Take bear Horse riding.

 33. Reorganise utility.

 34.  Take a trip to London again with Bear, my Mum and my Sister and stay overnight.

 35.  Help Bear to feel confident enough to sleep at his Dad’s house.



So, a total of 35 things to achieve this year. Some may be very hard to achieve and I know that I may not be able to cross them all off the list but I would like to try. Having goals to enrich our lives and give more to us instead of resolutions that restrict are much healthier for me and much more positive. Not all can be achieved on my own but I can do my part.

Do you have any plans for the year? Every month I will check anything off my list that I have managed to achieve and at the end of the year, I can look back and see the things that we have achieved and experienced together. 

Here’s to a fabulous blank slate of a New Year ahead of us.



    1. Thank you. I didn’t want to go crazy and make it unreachable but with my health, even the smallest thing can be a challenge x

  1. Those with me included can certainly be achieved, and I’m sure you’ll get most of the others ticked off. Now we just need to plan xxx

    1. These are really good goals, there’s loads you’ll be able to cross off the list easily! Good luck #weekendblogshare

  2. Those with me included can easily be achieved and I’m sure you’ll tick off almost all the others. Now to start planning xxx

  3. That is quite a long list. Hope you manage them all. I’d never heard of the 1p savings challenge. We don’t do that but I do save for Christmas monthly so December is much easier. #weekendblogshare lifeinthemumslane

  4. Happy New Year! I love these types of posts – I really enjoy reading about what others aspire to achieve. The 1p Savings Challenge looks interesting but definitely achievable. I’m sure the follower numbers will increase as you wish and I’m hoping to see you again at a Blogging conference! You’re going to Blog On, right?! #weekendblogshare xx

  5. A great list and all achievable I reckon! I would love to try my girls horse riding, I haven’t done it for years. That’s a great one. Hopefully you’ll go to Blog On? Would be lovely to meet up if you do. Thanks for linking up really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing your progress x

  6. Great list, I was talking to Mr M about taking Mini M to an indoor ski place, I think he would love it. Look forward to seeing you tick items off #monthlybucketlist

  7. Wow, I thought it was a long list, but then although I do lists, I never have more than 5 items for that week or month. Once done I start a new list. I need something to keep me on track as I would give up too easily.

    I love some of the items you added, so I really hope you do get to do them.

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