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Everyday Life

Even though Bear is 5 years old and a lot of his friends have moved on to different types of tv shows like Transformers or Power Rangers, I’m quite fussy about what he watches. Of course, he has asked to watch these other shows but I’ve managed to hold off this far as I want him to be a little boy for as long as I can – he’s got years and years to watch Superheroes and the rest. 

Blogging Everyday Life

It’s time to talk about something pretty important. An issue that’s very close to the hearts of most bloggers – most bloggers write because they love to write and have something to say (yes there are the odd one or two that want ‘freebies’ that quite frankly don’t exist but that’s a whole other story) but a lot of us start because we love writing and have something to say and then, after putting the ground work in, dare to dream that we can make a living from home with the flexibility to attend school plays, finish early on Friday and fit work around family life.

If you like Instagram, (or let’s face it, she’s everywhere right now) you might have heard of Mother Pucka.

If not, let me introduce you to her and her campaign with one of her Instagram posts below:


Everyday Life

Today was international women’s day. The articles I have read, the social media posts I have looked at, all have all been strong, empowering and beautiful. So many people shared photos of themselves with big groups of friends and it was lovely but it really got me thinking. It’s really affected me in a way that I didn’t expect. I have never been in a friendship of a group of girls. I have lots of individual friends and am part of a threesome (not that kind) of girls who try to meet up together but I have never been someone who is part of a group. 

I’ve also seen lots in the media about motherhood being a lonely business. Maybe I’m not alone?